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    Perforated Sheet is defined by the punching materials, perforated patterns, gauge, staggered angle, sheet thickness and porosity. These factors combine together to form the yield strength, filter rating and proper application. Round hole perforated metals are suitable for filter tube processing with uniform and precise control of flow materials. Following two parts: the general information of perforated metal, and new inquiry from customers. For your order reference.

    Common open area or porosity: 20%, 26%, 23%, 30%, 40% and 35%.
    Hole Diameter:1.0-6.0mm
    Thickness of Metal Plate:0.2-3mm
    Material to be punched:
    Plain steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet;
    Stainless steel sheet;
    Copper sheet;
    Brass sheet;
    Aluminum sheet;

    We offer all types of perforated sheet, technical specifications, applications, detailed as follows:

    Perforated Round Hole:
    Sheets available in mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum brass and copper.

    Perforated Sheet This pattern is very strong and has an aesthetic appearance and perforated sheets with round holes are typically used in:
    Wall & ceiling panels
    Architectural finishes
    Sunshade screen
    Air conditioning grilles

    Square Hole Perforated Metal:
    Perforated Shee-tThis kind of perforated sheet is used for display shelf and machine guards offering good visibility.

    Typical applications:
    Machine guards
    Air condition guards
    Architectural features

    Staggered Perforated Sheet:
    Also named slotted perforated sheets. Suited to sorting and grading solid objects.Perforated Sheet
    Staggered perforated sheet is made to measure panels, edged and painted to any requirements using aluminium, steel and stainless steel edging sections.

    Materials applied for staggered patterns include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

    Decorative perforated sheets are mainly for architectural screen uses, including ceilings, façade, partitions in big hotels, buildings and offices.

    Perforated Sheets
    Sheet material: Stainless Steel 316L
    Sheet dimensions: 2500mmX1250mm
    Quantity: 12
    Sheet Thickness: 5mm
    Hole diameter: 5mm
    Pitch: 7mm

    galvanised steel perforated sheets
    Size 2000mmx1220mmx2mm holes 4mm 5mm pitch

    PERFORATED SHEET Stainless Steel with 2m*1m Thickness 8/10 hole diametre 0.8 mm
    PERFORATED SHEET Stainless Steel with 2m*1m Thickness 15/10 hole diametre 4 mm
    PERFORATED SHEET Stainless Steel with 2m*1m Thickness 30/10 hole diametre 6 mm
    PERFORATED SHEET Mild Steel with 2m*1m Thickness 10/10 hole diametre 2mm
    PERFORATED SHEET Mild Steel with 2m*1m Thickness 15/10 hole diametre 7mm and 8mm

    aluminum perforated sheet
    Standard sheet size
    Sufficient to cut 100 pcs 16 X 16 inches
    Material 1100-0 or any temper
    Perf pattern is ¼ dia holes X 5/16 staggered centers

    perforated sheet

    SS perforated sheet

    ss perforated sheet

    16 Gauge
    1/8” holes staggered
    3.16 spacing
    40% open
    26.5 x 22.5”

    Type : perforated sheet
    material : SS
    hole size : 2 to 3 mm
    pitch : 6-10 mm
    thickness : 1 to 3 mm

    French site: http://perforated123.unblog.fr/

    Perforated Sheet PDF Download
     SS304 Perforated Sheet
     SS304 Perforated Metal Sheet
     Industrial Screen Perforated Sheet
     Steel Perforated Plate
     Perforated Sheet Metal
     Perforated Sheet Steel
     Perforated Sheet With 0.5mm Thickness 304 Grade


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