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    We can offer high security pvc coated chain link fence allow razor wire installation on top for airport.

    High security chain link fence is made with PVC coated chain link fence wire mesh, razor wire or concertina wire tapes to reinforce the security.
    we provide 2.40 meter high security chain link fence system one of our recent fence projects in india market. we welcome custom orders.

    The high security fencing is composed of 2.40m high security chain link fence and 7.0m wide x 2.40m high security chain link gates in accordance with the following technical specifications.

    Chain link fence materials – ms/ mild steel wire.
    wire diameter – 3mm (10 swg gauge).
    opening – 55mm x 55mm mesh.
    fence width – 2.62 meter and length - 15 m per roll.
    finishes: hot dip galvanized, 150gsm or pvc coated galvanized mild steel.
    helically wound mesh 3.15 mm diameter wire

    Chain link fence razor wire galvanized
    -opening: 50mmx50mm
    -wire diameter 3.00mm
    -length of roll: 25m
    -width of the roll: 1.50m

    Fence posts for above wire.

    We provide container of class 1 galvanized electric fence wire in 14, 17, and 19 gauge each in 1/2 and 1/4 mile on metal spools.

    Electro - galvanised pvc fence chain link wire

    thickness 2 mm and length of 25 mtrs - 1x20fcl

    height: 1.5 mtrs, 40 kgs/roll.

    PVC coated chain link fence for tennis court

    thickness 2 mm and length of 25 mtrs - 1x20fcl

    height: 1.5 mtrs, 47 kgs/roll.

    We provide would like to know that how much is the maximum thickness of chain link fence wire with plastic coated and without plastic coated.

    One of my australia customer send me he universal maximum thickness of chain link fence wire,7mm thick chain link fence wire.

    My australia customer interested in importing barb wire and fence wire with the following specs:

    High Security PVC Coated Chain Link Fence Allow Razor Wire Installation On Top For Airport

    1) barb wire: 2.5mm diameter, hot dipped galvanized barbed iron wire in iowa type, with 2 strands, 4 points. barbs' distance 3-6 inches ( tolerance +- 1/2" ), please indicate your barb distance and barbing space.

    2) plain fence wire, hot dipped galvanized, 2.8mm in diameter, strong and durable with an 8kn minimum breaking strain. maximum breaking strain , 8kn type.

    We would like to ask trial 2 sample, that is 1 roll of barb wire and 1 roll of plain fence wire. we will pay for the samples myself and arrange the couriering of the samples to australia.

    We provide 20ft container each of barb wire and plain fence wire.


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